Marietta is the absolute best! She has such a wonderful environment and makes every visit comfortable and enjoyable. She is truly skilled and the results are beyond what I could have imagined. I would without a doubt recommend!
— Kyra, S., Google, 04/2019
Marietta is the best! She is ethical, honest and a great communicator who knows her stuff. The treatment is effective and comfortable. Highly recommend to anyone who wants laser treatment.
— K.H., Yelp, 3/27/2017

I absolutely love Marietta. Without having miraculously found her on Google, I would not have the smooth Brazilian I’ve always dreamt of. Having gone to her originally for a smaller section of hair else where, I decided to go for it. I decided to continue working with Marietta because of her friendly demeanor, professionalism, and her flexibility with payment plans. Being a student, its not easy spending a large sum of money in a single payment. Thanks Pain-Free Laser. I’ll be back for more
— Molly S, Google, 03/2019

The chair is so comfy.
The laser on the leg feels like a warm massage.
Marietta is super sweet.
I always find a parking place super easily.
The laser works super good.
I love this place
— Céleste T., Yelp, 5/26/2016

Marietta is amazing, she made me feel so comfortable and did a fantastic job! I did a lot of research on the best lasers and went for multiple different consultations and every place felt very sales oreintated until I came here. Pain free laser lists their prices online and has the best laser of any I found in the Portland area.
— Sierra, S., Google, 04/2019

I just had my second session with Marietta and I can’t say enough nice things about Pain Free Laser. First off, yes... It really is pain free! I previously had 5 sessions of laser hair removal done at a dermatologist. It HURT and I wasn’t seeing great results. I am seeing results from my sessions with Marietta and did I mention... No pain! I’m so happy I found her. Highly recommended!
— Kim L., Yelp, 9/18/2016

I’ve tried laser removal at multiple places and NO ONE has Marietta’s magic laser. I promise you’ll not get better results anywhere else. And Marietta is great - makes you feel incredibly comfortable the moment you meet her :)
— Allison, S., Google, 04/2019

I joined this site just to leave a review for this amazing service. I’ve put off laser hair removal for years because 1) fear of pain from a laser DOWN THERE; 2) cost and 3) my obnoxiously sensitive skin.

If you have reservations HAVE THEM NO MORE! Not only is Marietta amazing at what she does, she is fast and meticulous, she is so personable that being splayed open with your naked lady regions saying HELLO under bright lights doesn’t even seem awkward as you chat away like hanging out with an old girlfriend, that laser does not hurt friends. No joke. It gets a bit warm here and there but Marietta is like a ninja with that cooling gel reading any discomfort before your brain is even registering it. She takes payments on an already extremely affordable package which is a huge plus for this mom of three who just closed her business and is starting over from scratch building a new career. And best of all, my irritatingly sensitive skin that flares up in angry rashes from coming in contact with perfume or adhesive or razors or waxing, after just one treatment my skin is smooth as a baby’s bottom, no irritation and NO PAIN! I get why ladies travel from all over the country to see her now. JUST DO IT! BOOK WITH MARIETTA NOW!
— Rachel S., Yelp, 12/15/2014

This is where you want your laser hair removal done. She has incredibly fair pricing, the upmost integrity for her business and clients, and the BEST laser that is really pain free. You’ll see results after the first treatment too. I will recommend her services to all of my friends forever.
— London, K., Google, 11/2019