I’ve been seeing Marietta for almost two years now and there’s no one else I would trust with my skin. She’s become a good friend and she’s by far the best laser specialist I have ever worked with. The results are amazing and she takes a lot of pride in making sure that her clients have strong results without any issues.
— Jahan D., Yelp, 10/22/2018
Marietta is the best! She is ethical, honest and a great communicator who knows her stuff. The treatment is effective and comfortable. Highly recommend to anyone who wants laser treatment.
— K.H., Yelp, 3/27/2017

Everything you could ask for! I wish I could give 10 stars because Marietta is the best, the space is the best. Marietta explains everything if you have questions. Very knowledgeable and comforting. I had my first laser treatment last weekend and nothing but good ever since. I wish I had gone to her sooner! Also, the price points were already perfect but with my results, they seem like a steal. Happy to be her client for quite some time. Highly recommended, if you couldn’t tell ;)
— Mekayla H., Yelp, 2/24/2017

The chair is so comfy.
The laser on the leg feels like a warm massage.
Marietta is super sweet.
I always find a parking place super easily.
The laser works super good.
I love this place
— Céleste T., Yelp, 5/26/2016

Marietta is wonderful and the name for her business is perfect. Such an amazingly easy way to get rid of unwanted hair. I have recommended Marietta to numerous people; she’s just the best!
— Tania M., Yelp, 6/28/2016

I just had my second session with Marietta and I can’t say enough nice things about Pain Free Laser. First off, yes... It really is pain free! I previously had 5 sessions of laser hair removal done at a dermatologist. It HURT and I wasn’t seeing great results. I am seeing results from my sessions with Marietta and did I mention... No pain! I’m so happy I found her. Highly recommended!
— Kim L., Yelp, 9/18/2016

Marietta is fantastic; she is efficient and knowledgeable. I started with laser hair removal on one area and have added several more, PLUS microdermabrasion. My skin has never felt or looked better!!
— Eleissa B., Yelp, 7/19/2015

I joined this site just to leave a review for this amazing service. I’ve put off laser hair removal for years because 1) fear of pain from a laser DOWN THERE; 2) cost and 3) my obnoxiously sensitive skin.

If you have reservations HAVE THEM NO MORE! Not only is Marietta amazing at what she does, she is fast and meticulous, she is so personable that being splayed open with your naked lady regions saying HELLO under bright lights doesn’t even seem awkward as you chat away like hanging out with an old girlfriend, that laser does not hurt friends. No joke. It gets a bit warm here and there but Marietta is like a ninja with that cooling gel reading any discomfort before your brain is even registering it. She takes payments on an already extremely affordable package which is a huge plus for this mom of three who just closed her business and is starting over from scratch building a new career. And best of all, my irritatingly sensitive skin that flares up in angry rashes from coming in contact with perfume or adhesive or razors or waxing, after just one treatment my skin is smooth as a baby’s bottom, no irritation and NO PAIN! I get why ladies travel from all over the country to see her now. JUST DO IT! BOOK WITH MARIETTA NOW!
— Rachel S., Yelp, 12/15/2014

You know how sometimes you go to a business and you feel like a walking piggy bank? You know how other times you go to a business and you feel like the people are looking out for you and want you to be taken care of?

Marietta fits into the second category. This was my first time getting laser and I can honestly say that it didn’t hurt a bit. Marietta knows what she’s doing and she does it very well.

However, what impressed me most about Marietta wasn’t so much her technical skills as it was her kindness, consideration, and caliber.

Here’s the story: I got my underarms done and made an appointment to get two other areas done by her, but later I found a Groupon that was too good to pass up, so I texted her to let her know that I wanted to cancel one of my appointments and I was honest about my reasoning. What she did next surprised me. Marietta called me to let me know that it was totally fine for me to “cheat” but she wanted to know what kind of laser the other place planned to use on me. We looked up the company and got the details and then she spent a good portion of her personal free time, on the weekend (might I add!) to explain to me the difference between specific lasers and the questions I need to ask the technician. All the while, there was no manipulation or hard sell, she seemed like she genuinely had my best interest at heart. After taking to her and feeling no pressure, I was validated with my decision to stick with her.

I’m just thoroughly impressed by her concern for her clients. It’s really hard to come by in this day and age. I can honestly say that with Marietta I feel comfortable, calm, and well taken care of. She’s really good at what she does and I am thoroughly impressed.
— Ants K., Yelp, 12/15/2014

I’ve always been interested in laser hair removal but hesitated since I wasn’t sure how long the results would last or how well it would turn out. However, after my friend told me about Marietta and her resultI had to try. Now that I’ve finished my 8th treatment, I LOVE my results! I even drove ALL the way from Seattle just to see Marietta since everyone had such good things to say about her. Even after just the first treatment, my hair was WAY thinner and so much easier to deal with then shaving or waxing! Half way through I could even get away with not shaving for a month! Since I loved my results so much, I’ve even recommended Marietta to my friends in Seattle AND San Francisco as well! Thank you Marietta! You’re AMAZING!
— Gloria W., Yelp, 6/16/2014

I have nothing but great things to say about marietta. First of all, she makes you feel comfortable from the beginning. I went to her for hair removal and she’s so helpful throughout the process. You can tell she cares about her clients and really wants them to look their best. She’s given me all sorts of skin tips and I actually plan on doing microdermabrasion with her at the next appointment. I trust marietta with everything and really appreciate her warm welcoming attitude toward hair removal!
— Shelley B., Yelp, 9/12/2014

Marietta is a no nonsense, laser pro; which is what you want in a laser “technician.” She uses the Soprano XL, a very expensive, very effective laser that wont burn your skin off (literally) and minimizes pain.
— Callie T., Yelp, 3/30/2015